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Bodylux Elite Body Contour is the most trusted and only Endermologie® clinic in Colorado that offers non-invasive body contouring in Parker, Lone Tree and surrounding areas. This is an all-new FDA approved anti-aging technology and treatment for body and face care.

Our procedure primarily uses massage techniques with LPG devices to help you reduce your cellulite for smoother skin.

The technique not only helps in the process of reducing cellulite or fat burn but is also effective in enhancing the texture of the skin. It can be used to strengthen and tighten the skin. Since it does not require any surgery, it can be done without any stress or worry.

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Visit our Endermologie® center in Colorado and experience all the latest body and face anti-aging technology and machines.

For only $125.00, get your starter package which includes full body contour treatment and facial demo treatment valued at $215.00.

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we offer body contouring in Parker, Lone Tree and other face and body treatments in Colorado.


Body sculpting operations are not known to aid in weight loss. Instead, it sculpts the body and targets specific spots where weight loss has failed or where excess skin has resulted from excess weight loss.

With the right essence of LPG Endermologie technology, you can shape your body the way you want. It is a no-fault therapy and some meaningful changes are seen in the body. Therefore, our non-invasive body contour has already won the hearts of hundreds of men and women across Colorado.

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Find the Non Invasive Body Sculpting in Parker Co

If you’ve ever wanted to change the shape of a part of the body, a medical procedure called body contouring (also known as body sculpting) may be right for you. The following may be involved:

  • Make your skin seem its best by getting rid of any extra layers.
  • Eliminate any surplus body fat.
  • By reshaping or contouring the area, you can remodel it.

Success Stories

There are many different non invasive body sculpting treatment in Parker, Co available to address your specific issues, whether it is skin-tightening, cellulite treatment for smooth skin texture, or lymphatic drainage.

We offers the top-notch body contour treatments in Colorado. Our LPG Endermologie machine has the new Alliance Skin Identity Sensor that adapts the stimulation to each individual type of skin: the intensity of the treatment is optimized, and the skin is still respected.

What People Say About Our Medical Spa in Lone Tree Colorado.


Local Guide

I’ve done 10 sessions and it worked! comparing to a regular deep tissue/sports massage LPG was not painful at all and brings the same result. Skin looks much better, puffiness is gone, I lost a couple of pounds. Elvira is a great professional, calm and attentive, I am definitely recommending this procedure as a treat to yourself, it’s worth it. I will recommend all my friends to try this treatment as it causes no harm to your body but make you more healthy and beautiful.


Business Women
I’ve been a fan of endermology for years and Katia is fantastic! They have the latest machine and is highly experienced. I have definitely noticed improvement in the tone and texture of my skin. Even those of us who exercise and eat healthy can have a little help extra help with the overall quality of our skin. I’m happy about my decision to make it part of my weekly routine. There are additional benefits as well. I recommend you read about these benefits and try it for yourself.

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these treatment sessions help me draining my lymphatic system and help me feel confident and healthy. This all happened without any surgery or difficuly because it is not a time wasting treatment. I recommend for them for body and face treatments. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I try LPG Endermologie?

This technique has been very popular in Europe over the last 3 decades, and well known among European women. With age, our skin loses elasticity, cellulite start to appear on the buttocks, thighs, inner thighs, and upper arms. This can seriously impact a woman’s life and she may start to feel less confident. Endermologie is a non-invasive beauty treatment that is meant to reduce the appearance of cellulite, tighten and firm the skin, and decrease the signs of aging. Most people start seeing results as soon as 3 sessions. The more regularly you receive Endermologie treatments, the better your skin and body look.

BodyLux Elite Body Contour is the only service provider in Colorado who brings you the newest and most advanced Endermologie treatment with original LPG Alliance devices. If you are struggling with body image issues due to cellulite, lose skin or stubborn fat areas, then LPG Endermologie is a treatment that you should definitely try. Since no needles, blades or chemicals are used it is a completely safe and natural procedure that can be used by anyone. You can also try our anti-aging Endermologie face treatment at BodyLUX Elite Body Contour in Lone Tree, CO.

Do I need to make any changes in my diet after Endermologie treatment?
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