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Smooth Cellulite Treatment

Non-surgical or non-invasive cellulite reduction treatment Lone Tree, Colorado

Non Invasive Cellulite Treatment Lone Tree, Co

Cellulite is the accumulation of fat beneath the epidermis of the skin. This accumulation or build up of cellulite can result in an uneven texture of the skin. You may have noticed lumpy texture and uneven skin near your hips, thighs or upper arm. These are the result of accumulated cellulite. Both men and women may develop uneven skin texture due to cellulite however it affects women more often. Even though cellulite is not harmful, women often tend to want to get rid of it. 

Bodylux Contour provides the non surgical cellulite treatment in Lone Tree Co. We help your skin by removing the fat that accumulates in the multiple pockets beneath the skin and gives it a rough and lumpy texture. There are several things that result in the formation of cellulite including hormones, genetics, pregnancy, improper diet, accumulation of toxins, inactivity and weight gain. These become more prominent and visible with age as skin becomes a lot thinner and slowly starts losing its elasticity.

How Endermology Works For Cellulite Reduction?

cellulite reduction treatment Lone Tree CO


There are mainly two broad categories for cellulite reduction treatment Lone Tree, CO that are used by clinicians to reduce or get rid of cellulite. The first kind is surgical and invasive which means plates and needles are inserted into the skin in order to treat the accumulated cellulite and reduce or eliminate it.

Surgical; The first category mainly includes laser treatment and substation; these are used for surgically removing cellulite and has been proven to be useful.

Non Invasive; The second category is non-invasive which means no surgical treatment is used and mainly several massaging techniques are employed to reduce cellulite that has accumulated beneath the surface of the skin. The non-invasive category includes exercising weight loss and endermologie massaging.

10 – 12 SESSIONS

Endermologie is a new and effective non-invasive technique that is used to reduce the appearance of cellulite on the surface of the skin. A deep massaging technique is used to smoothen skin and break down the accumulated cellulite material. The effects of Endermologie for cellulite reduction in Lone Tree, Co, may last up to seven or eight months.

For most people it lasts up to 6 months at least. If you complete the course for the treatment which usually includes 10 to 12 sessions then it may be safely said that the results of Endermologie will last you up to six months. After that you may have to get another set of appointments for your results to last longer. You can get this treatment at beauty clinics for smooth cellulite treatment in Lone Tree.

What is Endermologie Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions


The accumulation or appearance of cellulite beneath the skin surface is often not harmful and is non-cancerous. These are just lamps that have formed due to the build-up of fat in skin pockets.  There are several reasons that can lead to cellulite formation including weight gain and pregnancy. The most efficient non-invasive technique is Endermologie and it has been proven to be quite efficient. It is a massaging technique that is used to break down the face and reduce its appearance on the surface of the skin.

BodyLux Elite offers genuine cellulite reduction treatment in Lone Tree, Colorado. The technique has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration which means that it is completely safe. This procedure does not use any blades, needles, chemicals and is completely natural. Usually, about 10 to 12 sessions of Endermologie are required to achieve desired results. Women have claimed that this technique quite effectively reduces cellulite.


The technique of Endermologie uses suction and rollers to massage the surface of the skin in order to smoothen the cellulite within the surface. This procedure involves enhancing blood circulation and lymphatic flow as well as soft and the tissue. All of this is employed to simulate the fatty substances for cellulite accumulated under the skin. It also helps in eliminating toxins and detoxifying the entire body as well as rehydrating the skin. 

On the other hand in laser liposuction lasers are used to liquefy and soften the fat which in turn is eliminated by a suction procedure. It mainly focuses on getting rid of fat tissues from certain areas of the body. Here the collagen production is stimulated and this promotes smoothing and tightening of the dermis. 


The former not only is effective in enhancing the appearance of the skin many people have claimed that it also improves skin tone. To get Endermologie treatment for removing cellulite just search for “cellulite treatment near me”. Laser liposuction or the latter is highly efficient in treating specific areas or parts of the body and can be used to eliminate fat.