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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Denver Co

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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Denver

The lymphatic system helps eliminate metabolic waste and pollutants from the body. Lymphatic arteries and lymph nodes help remove undesirable fluids via the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage may also help minimize swelling after surgery or injury. The lymphatic flow has no pump and goes towards the neck.

Bodylux Elite Body Contouring provides Lymphatic drainage Massage in Denver to help remove excess fluids and metabolic waste. Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that promotes the body’s natural waste elimination. It is a gentle massage that improves lymphatic system function. 

What is the Lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system’s principal role is drainage. Lymphatic veins transport a clear fluid called lymph to the heart as part of the lymphatic system. Toxins and viruses are carried away by the lymph system.

Lymphatic drainage massage in Denver is a gentle massaging technique that promotes lymph movement. It is the way to massage the lymphatic system for cleansing, Edema, and post-operative recovery.

We also offer the same body contouring in Denver and Parker Co. below you can check all our body treatments with respective prices.

Why do we need Lymphatic drainage Massage Denver Co?

Minimizes Fluid Retention

Fluid retention or Edema may occur due to pregnancy or lengthy trips. Swelling occurs when essential proteins and fluids are trapped in tissues due to internal or external factors. The circulatory system transports vital fluids, oxygen, and nutrition via microscopic capillaries.

The massage helps remove these fluids. Extending the limbs and motions manually circulates lymph. Less fluid and other impurities settle because manual lymphatic drainage massage increases internal circulation and pushes lymph through the body quicker.

Boosts Your Immune System

The lymphatic system is the immune system’s initial line of defense that defends you against infectious organisms and other intruders. A Lymphatic drainage massage Denver co with body contouring process speeds up the drainage, allowing lymphocytes and macrophages to swiftly destroy and eliminate intruders. Receiving a lymphatic massage once or twice a month keeps more protective cells flowing.

If you’re already unwell, this form of massage might help your body recover quicker. It will also strengthen your immune system, preventing you from becoming sick the next time exposed to a nasty sickness.

Improves Digestion

The benefits of a healthy diet are limited by digestion. Regular lymph node massage can help you reap the rewards of your healthy diet. Maintaining lymph circulation ensures adequate fat absorption and glucose control.

Slow lymphatic circulation impairs fat absorption. This can cause malnutrition, as we need fats for energy, protection, warmth, and cell growth. Slow lymphatic drainage slows carbohydrate metabolism. Receiving a manual lymphatic drainage massage saves you from acquiring too much fat. 

Skin Radiance and Glow

Improving lymphatic drainage improves skin beauty. This sort of therapeutic massage enhances the body’s natural processes and appearance. Moving the lymph helps remove poisons and other toxic things that cause oxidative stress. Reduced fluid retention implies less puffy, blotchy skin.

Boosting the immune system also improves scar healing and reduces stretch marks. Increased circulation helps lymphatic treatment break away pollutants that cause skin dimples. This implies you can help reduce cellulite!

Contributes to Your Gut Health

Everyone eats, and food might include germs or other hazardous elements. The small intestine has tiny patches of tissue called Peyer’s patches. These nodules determine whether bacteria in the stomach are harmful or not. A poor antigen triggers the immune system.

By keeping things moving, you reduce your chances of bloating, cramping, and other unpleasant natural tendencies accompanying food poisoning. 

Why Choose Bodylux Elite Body Contouring Denver?

To perform lymphatic drainage massage Denver Co, various specialized massage motions and mild pumping methods are used. These movements help to activate lymphatic veins and hence increase the passage of metabolic waste and bacteria and excess fluid and germs.

When it comes to us, we believe that a patient’s condition should be assessed before choosing the appropriate treatment method. In a post-surgical condition, lymphatic drainage and gentle massage, or Reiki are often used to assist relieve tension and produce a more calm frame of mind. When the central nervous system is calmed, stress-related energy and resources may be diverted to the healing and recovery process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does lymphatic drainage affect the body?

Massage has several physiological consequences on the body. Effects of lymphatic drainage include:

  • lymphatic drainage
  • Waste removal
  • Enhanced cell exchange
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