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Lymphatic Drainage Therapy in Highland Ranch, Co

Get Lymphatic Massage near Highland Ranch, Colorado with all new LPG Endermologie Technology.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage reduces the build-up of lymphatic fluids by applying gentle pressure to move lymph (excess fluid) to the lymph nodes from the affected area. This body contouring massage gives relief to a number of ailments like obesity, cancer, inflammation, and infection. We offer one of the best lymphatic drainage massage Highland Ranch, Co.

Bodylux offers Endermology therapy that is totally non-invasive treatment with LPG device. Many techniques are invasive as well and they include the insertion of needles, minor cuts, and surgeries. These types of invasive techniques cause discomfort and pain. But the lymphatic drainage massage system causes no pain or complexities. This soothing healing process uses the gentle massaging skill of the practitioner. It releases the lymphatic vessels and reduces the unwanted accumulation of waste and toxic products in our system. The message drains out the toxins through the lymph nodes and throws them out from our body through the excretory system.

Is LPG Treatment Good for Your Health?

Non-invasive techniques for lymphatic drainage are relatively new and have been included in body massage therapies recently. The most important factor that makes this type of massage effective is that it does not have any harmful side effects. Unlike invasive techniques, the chances of infections are almost nil in non-invasive methods. This treatment can be administered to a larger population and to people who have certain skin problems and cannot turn to surgeries.

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Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy?

lymphatic drainage massage in Highland Ranch, CO

Reduce Swelling

When illness or medical treatment blocks the lymphatic system it causes swelling in your legs and arms. We offer lymphatic drainage messages to reduce your swellings and other skin problems caused by such blockage of the lymphatic system.

Our trained professionals that provide lymphatic massage therapy in Highland Ranch, CO, heal these problems by giving gentle massage and thus opening the blockage of lymphatic fluid and making it flow throughout the body. In this way, toxins and other wastes are removed from your body.

Heals Lymphedema

Lymphedema is caused as a side effect when any process affects or removes your lymph node from your body. It occurs near the place of surgery. Lymphatic drainage massage is done to free the damaged area from waste fluids thereby healing the swellings. The gentle massage makes the lymphatic fluid flow smoothly. Our physical therapist and certified lymphedema specialist are trained to offer such massages and they are perfect for your fast remedy.

This type of message should be administered to the patient keeping in mind that the whole body comes under this lymphatic system. Our practitioners are aware of this fact and have a thorough knowledge of the whole process. Many health problems can be cured by this massage system which uses gentle and long strokes.

lymphatic massage

Why Choose Bodylux Elite Body Contouring?

We are based in Parker, Lone Tree, Colorado and we specialize in non-invasive methods for LPG body contouring. Our experienced practitioners are trained to offer a flawless experience for all clients. Other than lymphatic drainage we offer a wide range of services like fat loss, tightening legs, post-pregnancy treatment, even skin tone procedures, and smooth cellulite treatment. With our advanced infrastructure and expertise in the field, we can bring to you easy solutions for all your body contouring problems.