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Lymphatic Drainage Massage Lone Tree Co

All new LPG alliance technology for lymphatic drainage massage therapy in Lone Tree, Colorado.

Lymphatic Drainage Therapy 

Lymphatic drainage massage in Lone Tree, Co refers to a gentle massaging technique that improves the flow and circulation of lymph fluid within the body. The lymphatic system is as important as any other mechanism working within the body. Its main function is to eradicate and get rid of toxins and waste that accumulate over time within the body tissues.

Several health complications and age may cause the lymph fluid to accumulate within the body which hinders its natural circulation and may further create other severe health conditions. Therefore it is important to ensure that the lymph fluid works normally and this can be achieved through our lymphatic drainage massages with new LPG Alliance technology. Conditions like fibromyalgia, lymphedema, and several other conditions can be improved with this technique.

Bodylux Elite Body Contour offers the lymphatic drainage therapy in Lone Tree, Co. Our lymphatic drainage massage procedure is quite simple and the mechanism is very comprehensible. Trained professionals and licensed clinicians can provide this service. You can stay at home or go to a clinic in order to get yourself a lymphatic drainage massage. It is essential to discuss the matter with a doctor before going in for any such treatment. 

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During Therapy

During the massage, only the dermis of the skin is handled and muscles are kept untouched. Only gentle pressure is applied to ensure that the lymph fluid beneath the skin is stimulated. The hand should be relaxed and infected or swollen areas or body parts should be eliminated from the procedure. It is essential to drink a sufficient amount of water after each session of lymphatic drainage massage. If you are not willing to visit a clinician or a professional you can also perform some exercises at home. However, these are not very efficient and it may take months to achieve desired results. Looking for the best lymphatic drainage therapy in lone tree co then you can come to us without any hesitation

40-min Sessions

How long your sessions? will last depend on the condition of your lymphatic drainage system.

The first few sessions may take longer as it is necessary to accustom your body to the procedure and to get rid of a sufficient amount of toxins.

As the sessions proceed the time taken may reduce. Each session can take up to 40 minutes or about an hour stop as you proceed with them the time may go down to 15 minutes. The massage usually starts from the lens that is closest to the torso and the massaging movements slowly move outward towards the extremities. Only gentle movements are used to stretch and relax the skin.

If you need consultation or if you want to book sessions with us then you can come to us without any worry as we provide the best lymphatic drainage massage in Lone Tree CO.

Frequently Asked Questions

What results should I expect after lymphatic drainage massage?

After a few sessions of lymphatic drainage massage, you should be able to visibly see a reduction in the swollen areas of your body. The massage mainly focuses on eliminating stored toxins that result in reducing swelling. If the swelling starts to worsen and you feel an unusual amount of pain then you should talk to your clinician or a doctor immediately.

To help the process work better and faster it is essential to stay physically active and exercise lightly. You should also drink plenty of water and include more green leafy vegetables in your diet. Eating fruits also helps the process. Another important thing to keep in mind is to avoid processed foods. People with different conditions like lymphedema or fibromyalgia are treated differently in lymphatic drainage massage. The outcomes are also very different.

How will I know that I need a lymphatic drainage massage?

There are several signs that your body will give you that indicate that you need lymphatic drainage and natural lymphocytic fluids are not circulating as they should be. One of the most common symptoms is swelling in your fingers and stiffness as well as oldness when you wake up. You may feel that your muscles stiffen and feel so when you wake up and you are unable to move them.

Another symptom is cold hands and feet. Doing this may be a result of several things but if you feel like in general, you suffer from cold hands and feet it may be a good time to check with your doctor regarding your lymphatic drainage. Bloating and gaining excessive weight is another sign. Due to the accumulation of toxins and the lack of lymphatic flow you may start gaining excessive weight.

Is Chronic Fatigue also a symptom of it?
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